HolisticFit is an idea. It is a philosophy about life and fitness. We believe people are more than a sum of their parts. Our bodies are more than muscle and fat. They are also our minds and our life experiences. And our fitness programs must reflect this. At HolisticFit, we live by that belief. We work to understand you as a human and individualize your training based on that. And our programs are designed with the aim of delivering you fitness results while keeping your whole body healthy, and you ready for life.

In simpler terms, wellness based personal training is driven by delivering you fitness results such as fat loss, lean muscle,  strength and athletic performance while promoting the holistic intangibles such as posture, mindfulness, and common humanity. Somewhere between fitness and wellness, the east and the west and your world and ours is a better life. 

My name is Pranav but you can call me PJ. I am thinker, a listener, a goofball, a personal trainer and the owner of HolisticFit. Seeing people get in shape is beautiful.  Seeing that growth transcend my gym and allow people to take control of their lives however, is what makes me fall in love with HolisticFit everyday.  In those moments together we are changing the world. 

Humans of HolisticFit

I want to introduce you to a few of my friends here at HolisticFit. This is a new section here and this is not everyone. However, I believe it is important to work towards humanizing fitness and telling stories. Too often, fitness becomes about gimmicks, fitness models on magazines and supplements but the truth is fitness is about us. It is about our collective humanity and our ability to take control of our lives and create change. After all, it is important to keep the person in personal training.

“I have been working out with PJ for about 18 months now and feel like I’ve found my fitness home. PJ is motivating, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable. Before I started working with him, I had constant lower back pain. PJ taught me how to strengthen not only my back muscles, but other parts of my body to improve my posture. Now I rarely experience any pain. I have gained significant strength and stamina. I have also lost over 15 lbs. Working with him, not only have I become physically more fit, but he has also changed my attitude towards living a healthier life. I would recommend him to anybody.”- Jovana

PJ at HolisticFit would be a great trainer for you if you are bored with (and/or have had poor results from) the standard gym routine, and want to actually enjoy exercising again. No two workouts are ever the same but he will keep you inspired and advancing toward your fitness goal, having fun along the way. Highly recommended! – Brad

“This is Tammy and Jasper. They are some of the goofiest people I know and they keep me smiling week in and week out. At the same time they work hard and keep each other accountable. It is a beautiful privilege to work alongside them to constantly strive toward their fitness goals.” – PJ

“This is my friend first, client second, Gina. When I first met Gina the first thing she did was disparage herself. That did not feel nice to see. Gina however is strong and works hard. She was determined to lose weight and through her hard work and efforts together we are in better physical, mental and holistic shape. It is has been wonderful to be a part of her journey. However we are not done yet. Gina has a marathon coming up and 1,453,364 repetitions of smiling she still has to do.” -PJ

“I do better with a trainer. I wish I had the discipline to work out on my own, but I generally don’t. So having a good trainer is key for my fitness. Working with Pranav who is an excellent teacher, coach, and encourager has opened new doors for me. I’ve seen a real difference in my body awareness, posture, and ability to stretch and undo tension in my body, outside of the gym as well as when I’m there. I’ve gotten stronger since I started working out at HolisticFit and more confident about taking on the next challenge. Pranav is knowledgeable and creative and that has allowed us to work around injury and pain and then step it up when I’m feeling better. HolisticFit is definitely about longevity and that philosophy is in action every day.” -Anonymous

“It was my first time consulting a personal trainer and was a little skeptical at first, but it was valuable time spent. My trainer was attentive and very professional. He showed me how to correct my form and maximize my fitness goals with numerous exercises. I’ve been applying them to my workout routine now and would definitely recommend anyone looking to up their workout game to check this place out.” -Ben

Check out our blog or come in for a free consultation. What are you passionate about? What drives you? What sports and activities do you enjoy most? We will listen to you, give you as much value as possible so you can live a better quality of life, enjoy those activities and we will still be your friend whether you decide to work with us not!

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