The muscle and fat blurb seems neat but what is HolisticFit? What are you selling?

Ha! A question I get at least once a day, in a fitness industry that promises to “Tone your Tummy Today” or lose “6 pounds in 6 days,” it is understandable. HolisticFit is a private personal training studio that specializes in a unique brand holistic fitness. To sum it up succinctly, we are passionate about helping our clients live a better quality of life. That means moving better, living a healthier lifestyle and reaching a heathy bodyweight in a safe and sustainable manner. Health, Function and Harmony, so you can play the sports you enjoy, give your kids piggy back rides and feel good about moving with the only body you will have.

OK, but what are we going to do? Abs? Chest Day? Crossfit?

Bicep curl 500 bro. Just kidding. What are your specific goals? We have trained 60 year old female clients who want to drop a little weight and mma fighters who want to develop punching power. The needs of these two people are different, so unlike crossfit we find it important to tailor programs to individual needs. But there is a thread that is common in all of our training. Proper mechanical, foundational movement. So no matter who you are at least initially we will work on fixing some postural, mobility and movement issues. A good example of this is what we call text-neck. Often, from looking down at phones people will develop a forward leaning head. No matter what your goals, so you can have improved balance, posture and performance this should be remedied if not resolved first.

Hmmm. I want to get ripped like Bruce Lee. How long will that take?

6 days… If you’re already ripped. In all seriousness we understand that bodyweight and body composition is an important thing for people. We are passionate about getting you “ripped” if thats a goal of yours, but we are serious about doing that in a healthy and sustainable way so that you can get ripped and stay ripped and also live a good quality of life with that ripped body. Unfortunately this will most likely take longer than 6 days but understand that we care, we will encourage, listen to and stand by you along the way.

Try us for Free. We will listen to you, give you as much value as possible so you can live a better quality of life and still be your friend whether you decide to work with us not!

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