Happy New Year! Inevitably, the arrival of this new calendar year will be accompanied by New Year’s resolutions. Which is great! While much of the fitness industry is cynical about these resolutions, I am a fitness coach that believes they can be powerful tools for change if they have meaning and you can adhere to them. So that is what this blog is about: How we can start and keep our New Year’s resolutions. 

Be Clear

What do you want? Take some personal time and really answer this question. Be clear about what it is that you want to accomplish. If you are not clear at the outset, about exactly what your resolution is, it will be difficult to navigate, and it is not likely that it will gain clarity in a month from now. 

Find Your ‘Why’

Starting anything new is difficult. Breaking an old habit, undertaking an ambitious project, or setting a new goal will challenge you and rarely will go as imagined. For that reason it is important, before you begin something new, to ask why. Why are you going to do this? Why does this matter to you? Why are you going to continue when the process gets challenging? 

No one else besides you can answer these questions. Having these answers, and having a ‘why’ will keep you focused and motivated along the way. 

Decide and Go

Once you are clear about what you want and why you want it, make a decision and commit. Once you decide to commit your time and energy to your resolution, the contemplation is done. Now is the time for action. Get to work. Stand strong and do not waver. 

Intelligent Planning

Even the most dedicated and passionate ideologues fail without a plan. Think about what you are trying to accomplish and reverse engineer a series of smaller goals or steps to crush your big picture goal. There are almost always people who are experts in related fields or have done what you are working towards before you. Be humble enough to read their books, learn from them or hire them if you are able. Almost all of the masters of any field have done this. 

Get to work! I wish you the best!




Hey! Thanks For Reading. My name is Pranav Arora but you can call me PJ!I am a listener, a thinker, a goofball and a personal trainer located in Pittsburgh PA. I love the work that I do and I hope that you found this blog valuable. If so subscribe for more posts just like this!

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How to Start and Keep a New Years Resolution

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