So you want to lose some weight? Great! You came to the right place. With all the gimmicks, magic supplements, and stress over calorie counting the world of weight loss can be a confusing place. Don’t fear. There has never been a substitute for effort and consistent good decision making. 

These decisions can help you not only lose weight but also help you take control and live a happier and healthier life. Navigating those decisions are what this blogpost is all about. So lets get started. 




Like caloric deficit and calorie counting the phrase ‘meal-prep,’ has a stressful connotation. That does not have to be the case. Know that bad meal decisions are made when you are hungry, stressed out and don’t have an easy and healthy option available. Prepare for these moments by setting aside healthy snacks or meals in containers. These do not have to elaborate or picture perfect but just find options that work for you. Some easy options I enjoy that are easy to prep are: rice with peppers and fish and couscous salad.


Consistency and Self Control

Make good decisions consistently. There is no substitute for this. Cheat meals, holidays, events, travel, stress all have no end. Know that and take self control and good decision making everywhere you go. The sweet taste of a dessert or fattening meal lasts at most a few minutes but consistent good decisions can carry you into a longer, happier and healthier life. Try it. It is difficult at first, but good decisions compound. Getting results make them easier. Work at this. I have faith in you. 



Counting Macros are another stressful topic for many people who are trying to lose weight. Carbs? Proteins? Fats? Sugars? Gaaah! That is a lot of stuff. Of course you should eat carbs, fats and sugars in moderation but try to look for nutrition. Vegetables and fruits are generally healthy bets and seeking them out will give you the micronutrients you need, keep your meals healthy and allow you to eat less junk. Making it habit to plan your meals around nutritious vegetables and fruits instead of carbs and proteins. If you want to try something new try squash, eggplant or sweet potatoes. 


Find Exercise You Enjoy

Exercise has a bajillion health benefits that I will not bore you with. One of them is helping you lose weight! If the word exercise itself scares you, find your own path. Biking, hiking, dancing in the shower, playing tag with your nieces and nephews and speed walking all count. Grow to love these things. There is usually a kick of endorphins that comes with these activities!


Drink Water

You’ve heard this plenty but try to consistently drink water. Here are a few reasons: 

-We often mistake thirst for hunger.

-Drinking water before a meal can curb your appetite

-A NCBI study has found that for middle aged populations drinking  cold water can in itself burn calories(1).

-When you’re drinking water you are not drinking sugary drinks!


Think About Emotional States When You Eat. 

Stress eating is a common phenomenon. Having a bad day, or being frustrated or overwhelmed for many people leads to eating junk food. But does eating a bowl of ice cream really solve your problems? Realize this and find another outlet. Exercise, meditation and even allowing yourself to cry will all have more profound results on your happiness. Get out of your comfort zone and try them. 


Portion Control

You love certain foods? Just try portion control. Eat those foods that you know are not the best for weight loss in moderation. Do this and keep taking steps forward by eating smaller and smaller portions. This is a crucial exercise in self control that will translate into sustainable healthy habits and weight loss.



Eat breakfast! Please. Eating breakfast will allow you to have sustainable energy for your day and avoid cravings and reduce stress. Eat a heartier breakfast instead of a heartier dinner! Your body needs it. 

Thats it! If you are trying to lose weight try consistently to make good decisions and use these tips to help! Best wishes!





Hey! Thanks For Reading. My name is Pranav Arora but you can call me PJ!I am a listener, a thinker, a goofball and a personal trainer located in Pittsburgh PA. I love the work that I do and I hope that you found this blog valuable. If so subscribe for more posts just like this!

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