Depression exists. For some people it is a lifelong condition that will always stalk them like a broken past. For others it is a dark cycle that waxes and wanes with the seasons of life. My hope is that by sharing these ideas they will become tools to arm people to fight back and take control of their lives regardless of the context of their depression.




Anyone that has been depressed will tell you that there is process of shutting off the world, hiding and turning away from your usual passions. Considering these dynamics, expression is key. However expressing yourself through the traditional channels can be exhausting, if at all possible. Trying to explain the pain that you feel to the one friend who you know cares just does not seem to work.

Instead I have found expressing myself in new, unconventional and even outright strange ways can prove to be particularly therapeutic. For me writing, dancing by myself , interpretive boxing and fitness have all been channels that allowed me to open myself up. I know that for many of my friends painting and pottery have served the same purpose.

There is something magical about this process of opening yourself up. In these moments is an opportunity to let your frustrations, your repressed emotions and thoughts flow freely if you allow them to.

Finding ways to open up the ball of these frustrations on your own terms can be a powerful and transformative experience without the vulnerability of trying to explain yourself to your closest colleague.

Try it, find your own outlet and express yourself.  



Self talk and mental noise can have a crippling effect on someone suffering from depression. For someone going through a particularly troubling bout of depression, small real-life indignities can spiral into looming feelings of self doubt, worthlessness and failure. These many circles of negative mental self talk lead to nowhere but a deeper and darker depression.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to crush this mental noise. The basic principle here is awareness. This awareness is a critical step into control: take control of your mind, take control of your body and take control of your life. Find a space try to find become aware of your own thoughts and feelings as if you were a third party. Let them come and go as they may. If you are able, gradually work towards mental clarity and emptiness. This does not have to be in a yoga studio or even in a quiet room, but find your own space to be mindful. I know people who do this while listening to Taylor Swift. If that works for you- awesome.

Every warmup before every workout I do or put a client through starts with a few minutes of mindful cardio. Sometimes this is done on a bike, sometimes I do this while walking or even dynamic stretching. My goal during these warmups is not just to get or give a traditional warmup but also to set aside whatever is going on outside of the workout and begin a process of taking control of our minds, our focus and our attention.

This method transitions into body awareness and straight up better mental and physical health.

Find your mindful corner. 

Learning and Growing


“The more we know, the less we don’t know.” A friend told me that recently and he said it was a puzzling statement but a fundamental fact. I did not initially understand the depth of this statement but I saw the value. I can also say without a doubt some of my happiest moments were when I learned something new and grew as a person.

Learning a new skill, idea, process or even fitness movement is an exciting thing. At the outset of learning something new there is a challenge, a challenge to grow. Conquering such challenges is a empowering experience and applying what you learned gives you new significance and growth.

This learning to growth ascension can come internally from learning about yourself or externally from learning a new concept or a mix of the two. But the power and enduring happiness of this process is a refreshing experience can quite literally change your life.

Try It-Learn- Grow- Be Happy. 

Best Wishes


Hey! Thanks For Reading. My name is Pranav Arora but you can call me PJ! I am a listener, a thinker, a goofball and a personal trainer located in Pittsburgh PA. I love the work that I do and I hope that you found this blog valuable. If so subscribe for more posts just like this!

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Three Powerful Tools to Crush Depression

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